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Here's how you can increase torrent download speed and download torrent files incredibly faster with online seeding Seedr tool.

Torrents are a mess, especially if it doesn’t have enough seeds. It can sometimes be as slow as a leech and you often need to set the torrent client open for hours to get downloads done. How about speeding up your torrent downloads super faster? Seedr is an online torrent cloud downloader which seeds the torrent from its own network and gives you ultra fast download speed.

The Internet plans have gone cheaper and even free nowadays and people are extensively exploiting this scenario to download files in bulk. It’s very handy when you can boost the torrent download speed by simply copy pasting the magnet URL to Seedr. I’ve been using this service for months and I pretty much use always whenever I need to download torrents with blazing speed. Even a low seed torrent can be downloaded with Seedr at full speed.

Let’s check out how you can use Seedr to supercharge torrent download speed within no time.

How to Download Torrents (Super) Faster with Seedr

  • Head on to the official site of Seedr and sign up with a social account.
  • Now fetch the magnet link of the torrent file you wanna download and paste it into the URL box.
seedr increase torrent speed

  • Wait a while until it generates the seed.
seedr increase torrent speed

  • Once it has been done, the file gets added to the list and you can download with IDM or other download managers with amazing speed.
seedr increase torrent speed

    How to Earn Extra Free Space on Seedr?

    Be default, Seedr provides you a 2GB storage space. If you need to upgrade the space for free, you can:
    1. Tweet about Seedr
    2. Write a personal blog post
    3. Make a YouTube review
    4. Pin it on Pinterest
    How cool is that?

    I hope you could supercharge your torrent speed with Seedr. Let us know if you’re having any queries while using this awesome tool. We will get in touch with you soon.

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